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A Muslim lesbian of South Asian heritage writes about her experiences of Islamophobia and racism from LGBTQ communities.

“It was at a national conference where a gay person said to me “I thought you might have an issue with me as a gay person, you know many Muslims usually do”. Without losing my temper, I looked at myself. Did my brown skin and colorful hijab scream homophobe!!?”

A great article written in response to the bad journalism recently done by the Independent. In my opinion, Saudi Arabia certainly deserves criticism for things like the recent urban development around the Kaabah in Mecca. The believability of the Independent article is proof of how bitter many of us Muslims are towards the Saudi gov.; however, we must not allow that bitterness to prevent us from placing criticism and choice words where they speak to truth rather than falsehood.

"If we are real men, Cooper seems to say, it is because we are real to and with ourselves."

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Gaza is not the most beautiful of cities.

Her coast is not bluer than those of other Arab cities.

Her oranges are not the best in the Mediterranean.

Gaza is not the richest of cities.

We are unfair to her when we search for her poems. Let us not disfigure the beauty of Gaza. The most beautiful thing in her is that she is free of poetry at a time when the rest of us tried to gain victory with poems. We believed ourselves and rejoiced when we saw that the enemy had left us alone to sing our songs while we left victory for him. When we dried the poems from our lips we saw that the enemy had already built entire cities, forts, and highways.


— “Silence for the Sake of Gaza" ~Mahmoud Darwish  (via we-am-in-wonderland)

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NPR’s Michel Martin was invited by St. Louis Public Radio to moderate an intensely emotional community conversation around race, police tactics and leadership.

Rev. Willis Johnson, the pastor of Wellspring Church, hosted a community conversation Thursday night that drew about 200 people to the church. In welcoming the audience, Johnson acknowledged he’s “gone from feeling hurt, to wanting to hurt,” but he said he hoped the event would be a step to healing a “community in trauma.”

Plea To Ferguson’s Leaders: To Help Heal, Acknowledge Our Hurt

Photo credit: Whitney Curtis for NPR

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  • person: she--
  • me: it's he.
  • person: *condescending smile* well, on your birth certificate--
  • me: yeah, it also says ' 8lbs, 6 oz ' -- a lot has changed over the years